Heart and Seoul 2014 – Petite France

petite france

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Petite France is a French cultural village in the Korean countryside just a few kilometers away from Nami Island. What is readily noticeable is how this place encapsulates Le Petit Prince (the Little Prince). There’s really nothing much to see there but it was worth a visit especially that it’s just near Nami Island anyways and that you can brag that you’re visiting one of those filming locations. It’s a  location for drama series such as the “Beethoven Virus,” “Secret Garden,” and “The Man from the Stars.”

petite france petite france

I can honestly say that you can skip this place unless you’re a K-drama addict like me. But as I said above, there’s nothing to lose if you pay it a visit because it’s near Nami Island anyways.

While I didn’t find anything interesting, my baby, on the other hand, enjoyed the marionette experience at the amphitheater. At the time we went there, it seemed like Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” was the in song. It was played almost everywhere and it has kinda rubbed off on me such that I am still hooked to the song until now 😛

Not sure if you noticed the row of cherry blossom trees in the video. That was a stunning lane on the way to Petite France. Make sure to prepare your cameras in case you choose to drop by 🙂

Until my next post, Annyeong!

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