Mel’s Drive-In @ Universal Studios Singapore

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There’s quite a lot of options for places to dine in within Universal Studios Singapore. At the time we went there, however, hubby and I were too hungry to even discern what kind of food our palates really dictate. We just headed to the very first restaurant we bumped into and it happened to be Mel’s Drive-In. 

Mel’s Drive-In is a diner based on the 1973 film, American Graffiti. The diner serves burgers, fries, floats, milk shakes, and an assortment of Coke products. The theme is ’50s drive-in and the restaurant features golden oldies on the jukebox. What’s unique with Mel’s Drive-In in Universal Studios Singapore is that it serves Shiok Burger. Shiok Burger is actually one made of spiced chicken floss, onion rings, guacamole, and turkey bacon on beef patty.

We didn’t get the Shiok Burger combo though. We went heavy on the meat and got the double burger combo 🙂 And what’s our verdict? We loved our meal! The beef patties were juicy and really flavorful. And because it’s a diner, the meals came out fast and what’s even better is that the combo meal wasn’t expensive. Apparently, it’s one of the restaurants inside Universal Studios Singapore that’s always jam-packed so I’d say it is safe to recommend Mel’s Drive-In.

Meanwhile, here are some of my photos. Enjoy and til my next foodie post!


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