My Cohen Diet

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Okay, so I just saw in my Inbox this ad from CashCashPinoy about a certain Dr. Cohen Diet for only P990. I was very very shocked when I saw this because I knew I paid about P60,000 initially for my Cohen Diet plan. My Cohen Diet was developed by Dr. Rami Cohen. The CashCashPinoy Cohen Diet is by Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen. The Dr. Rami Cohen Diet is very popular here in the Philippines because celebrities swear by it and people see the actual results from real people they know. And people also know how expensive it is. My fear is that when the growing online shopping market sees a “Dr. Cohen diet” deal for only P990, they might actually think that it’s the popular one. Maybe the Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen diet works but I can’t swear by it because it’s NOT the Cohen Diet I tried. I enrolled with the Dr. Rami Cohen Diet and can swear that it really works. In fact, my Cohen Diet plan helped me get pregnant!

So if you’re thinking of getting this CashCashPinoy deal, I am not saying don’t get it. All I’m saying is I just want to tell you that it’s a different one from the Cohen Diet you might have heard was used by celebrities like Judy Ann Santos or Bea Alonzo.

Have a good day!

2 thoughts on “My Cohen Diet

  1. Joni Walker says:

    Hello – the Dr. Cohen Support link that you provided within the article (bottom of 1st viewing page) does not work ….. has this been moved or can you provide an updated URL?

    • Jan says:

      Hi Joni, unfortunately, I don’t know whether there is an updated URL for the support forum. I am a member of the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program support group in Facebook but membership is by invitation only by the admin of the Cohen center in Manila. I will update you if I find another support group link.

      ~ Jan

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