5 Things To Do Before 2018 in Korea

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Merry Christmas, friends and dear readers! I hope that lovely, happy times decorated your holiday season, and that the merry spirit of Christmas will be with you all days of the coming year and forever.

There are just a few days left before we bid goodbye to 2017 and if ever you are bound to Korea to welcome the new year, this post will come in very handy. Trazy has lined up some exciting deals for you that will make your holidays in Korea more exciting. For those of you new to Trazy, it’s a one-stop shop for all your travel needs to Korea from discounted deals on tours, activities, transport and communication, events like concerts and parties, and everything else. 

And with that, let me take you to Trazy‘s top 5 things to do in Korea before 2018.

#1 Have a 1-Day Ski Trip

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I have just recently posted about the Top 10 Things To Do In Korea During Winter and aligned with that, the #1 for this list is of course, what else but skiing. One of the favorite day ski trips outside Seoul is skiing over at Oak Valley Ski Resort. It’s known for its puffy snow and wide slopes which are perfect for beginners and children. There are many eateries and a sauna at the resort, and non-skiers have a lot of things to do as well. With Trazy’s Oak Valley Ski Resort package, you may opt to just have a free and easy time at the resort, or learn how to ski or snowboard.

#2 Check Out a K-drama Filiming Location & Ski Resort

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This is one of my favorite Trazy packages because it includes my favorite things, eating and K-drama! For the 1 Day Skiing and Sightseeing tour, Trazy will take you to the popular Elysian Ski Resort and let you dash down the slopes in the morning. For lunch, you’ll be taken to the famous Chuncheon Dakgalkbi Street (Korean-style spicy grilled chicken). After lunch, you will then head to the filming location of “While You Were Sleeping” and take a walk along Soyanggang Skywalk. And to wrap up your chilly winter tour, you’ll head to Jade Healing Spa. This Elysian Ski Resort + Chuncheon Day Tour package is so worth it!

#3 Spend a Night at a Ski Resort and Visit Nami Island

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This is one of the popular packages for couple or family retreats outside Seoul. If you want to maximize your time during winter and really spend some time on snow, then you might want to stay overnight at Elysian Ski Resort. Trazy offers a 2D/1N Ski/Snowboarding tour + Nami Island package that includes round-trip transportation, overnight stay, ski clothes rental for 2 days, ski sledding on your second day, and so much more. You can choose where to join the bus or where to be dropped off from Hongdae, Myeongdong, or Dongdaemun.

#4 Catch BIGBANG’s Last Concert 

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For those fans who thought that they wouldn’t be able to catch BIGBANG again after their concert last January, this is your chance to do so but you need to act fast as the tickets may be sold out already by the time you read this! If you are a K-pop fan and more particularlt of BIGBANG, you should not miss their concert on December 30 and 31.

#5 Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Countdown Party

The best and the hippest NYE party in Seoul is the Final Countdown 2017. It’s an overnight indoor music festival that features top hip hop abd EDM artists. A striking visual lighting show and dance performances will surely be an epic way to bid goodbye to 2017. The tickets are on sale in Trazy but it only runs until December 28 so better act fast!

And there you have it; the 5 things to do in Korea before 2018. To recap:

  1. A 1-day ski trip at Oak Valley Resort;
  2. A 1-day skiing and sightseeing tour at Elysian Ski Resort plus Chuncheon Day Tour;
  3. An overnight stay at Elysian Ski Resort plus visit to Nami Island;
  4. Watch BIGBANG’s last concert; and
  5. Join the best and the hippest NYE party at the Final Countdown 2017.

If these are not to your liking, no worries because Trazy has got you covered. More discounted tour vouchers are waiting for you. Have fun looking around!

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