McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix, The Hottest Thing To Happen To Chicken

The first name that will pop into anyone’s mind when you say herbs and spices is definitely McCormick. Recently, they launched another first in the industry with their Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix.

I’ve seen it in the supermarket even before my friend, Steven, mentioned it to me. I initially didn’t want to try an instant buffalo wings mix because if you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I make good buffalo wings and my officemates can testify to that. Or so I hope 😛

On second thought, McCormick is known for great herbs, spices and mixes, and the Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix might be just as good. Besides, I gave Steven a heads up that I am an honest blogger and that if I do try it out, I will only have to make an honest review about it. He absolutely agreed and I took that as my queue to raid the kitchen and start preparing my chicken wings. 🙂

The packaging was well thought of and the instructions are easy to follow. Unlike other mixes where all the  component packets are hidden inside and you have to figure out which one is the dry mix and which is the wet one by feeling your way through the foil packets,  you don’t have to decipher any code with McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix. Just flip that package open like reading a book and you’ll see the packets right before your eyes.

The instructions are also very easy to follow and you don’t need any culinary degree to understand it. Basically, there are just three steps to making perfect buffalo wings: Coat, Fry, Shake.

Coat the chicken wings with the dry mix and deep fry them. You’ll get these gorgeous, crispy, golden brown chicken wings that you’d have to tell yourself there’s still a step three to follow so hold your horses yet.

Step three is to shake the fried chicken wings with the sauce/seasoning mix. You can use a bowl but in my case, I used a Ziploc.

And your wings are done!

Before proceeding with the taste, let me say a few words about measurements first.

I’m sure you’ve had experiences with pre-made mixes (for example, a chicken breading mix) where the packaging will tell you that it’s good for half a kilo of chicken but it turns out that the entire package can’t actually coat the entire kilo. This is another thing that I liked about the McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasonings Mix. It says 1/2 kilo of chicken in the package and the breading and the sauce perfectly coated the entire 1/2 kilo.

Now, let’s go to the taste. I used the “Teriyaki” flavor because I want an Asian twist to an all-American favorite. Besides, I’m partial to soy and ginger.

The wings turned out to be sweet and savory at the same time. They were delicious and they reminded me of General Tso’s chicken or maybe even Bonchon Chicken 😛 It would have been better with a little spiciness in it so I’m thinking of experimenting with the sauce next time by adding some hot sauce or chilies.

Overall, I’m glad I tried McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix and discovered for myself that I have a better alternative when I’m pressed for time on a movie night at home with family or friends. Instead of making my not-so-secret Coca Cola barbecue sauce from scratch, I can just pop open a pack of McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix and I’m ready to go.

McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix comes in four variants:

  • “Classic” is a timeless favorite.  Locked in only with the finest herbs and spices prepared – New York style – and is ideally served with celery or ranch dressing.
  • “Screamer” is only for the brave because it is an extremely hot mix.
  • “Barbeque” is a flavorful variant made with the finest onions, mustard, garlic and jazzed up with select spices.
  • And “Teriyaki” which adds an Asian twist to an all-American favorite using a combination of garlic, ginger and soy sauce.

My next pack to try is the Screamer because I want to know exactly how screamingly hot it is. You should try McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasong Mix and see that great wings can happen at your home too! 🙂

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