My January 2018

It’s almost the end of February and here I am, going to talk about how my January went and flew by. Another late post, yikes!

To kick off the year, I unearthed my still usable but old undated planners. My relationship with planners is that I always update them at the start of the year but then I would lose the momentum and stop planning around April or May. I have collected Starbucks planners since they started issuing that around Christmas time but stopped in 2015 because it’s just a waste of money since I don’t get to fully utilize them. I spent thousands to get a Hobonichi planner for 2016 and a Passion Planner for 2017, but my story didn’t change.

Now for 2018, I just got a cheap journal from Miniso so that I won’t feel guilty about splurging on a planner when I have this tendency of not fully using it. Then I started using my old undated planners as notebook/organizers for my businesses.

Read more about how my January went by below.

At the start of the year, I promised to plot my goals and write as many details as I need to better plan ahead. I started a bullet journal and I am so far liking it.

My old undated planners/journals

Look at how messy I plotted the dates 🙂


Pardon the noobness of my calligraphy

Straight to the point cleaning schedule; no drawings, no washi tapes, no color 🙂

Moving on. I started a skincare routine in my mid-twenties and really followed that routine for years. However, I started being lazy when I got pregnant and then I found myself not having any regular skincare routine since then. Now that I’m 40, I am starting to pay the price for being lazy. So for 2018, one of my goals is to have a skincare routine that I will stick to consistently and regularly.

Here’s my 10-step skincare regimen: 1) Micellar Water + Oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, 2) Facial foam, 3) Facial Scrub (2-3 times a week), 4) Alcohol-free toner, 5) Essence Booster, 6) Essence, 7) Ampoule/Serum (every other day), 8) Sheet Mask (3 times a week), 9) Moisturizer, 9) Eye Cream, 10) Sunblock. I am using the SK-II and Olay Regenerist line plus some drugstore products and Korean brands like Innisfree, Laneige, and my recent discovery, Missha’s Geum Sul First Essence Booster. I started doing this last January 22 and I am still following the routine to date. So far, so good!

Some of the products I use

When I run out of SK-II, I am going to switch to Korean alternatives. SK-II is a Japanese luxury skincare line for which I spend around P10-12,000 for the essence and emulsion alone. They used to last for a year up to a year and a half but finding SK-II in the Philippines is hard so I am really going to switch to locally available brands. What makes SK-II special is its own patented and exclusive Pitera. Some Korean skincare brands are offering better products than SK-II but at a much cheaper price. I trust Korean brands because they really work and they’re perfect for Asian skin. There are Korean brands that use products from the same family of Pitera and those are the products that I will try. Maybe I will blog about them soon.

Anyway, I recently discovered Missha’s Geum Sul First Essence Booster and I really love it! Why do you need an essence booster? It’s because an essence booster enhances the absorption of the nutrients of the other beauty products that you’re using. That is why you need an essence booster after cleaning your face and before you put on the other products. It’s made of fermented ginseng water which penetrates deep into the skin. I ran out of moisturizer one day and wasn’t able to buy a new one until 3 days after so in the meantime, I was just using the booster and a sunblock. It still makes my skin glow and feel tight. It also contains rare herbal medicinal ingredients like cherry blossom, evening primrose, etc. They vitalize the skin and nourish it from within to bring out a glowing complexion. I highly recommend this for women 40 years old and above!

This January, I also started strengthening my spiritual and mental health. I decided to do a daily habit of reading the Gospel and having positive thoughts every day. Being positive and staying positive is hard work for me because I am, by nature, a worrier and have the tendency to cling on to negative feelings. I also get stressed out quickly and have some anxiety problems.

For example, I get grumpy when I am hungry. When I am hungry, my mood changes and I become irritable. I also make bad eating decisions when I am hungry. With a bad mood while eating, I frequently experience my acid reflux acting up and then I would end up having a heartburn. With a heartburn, which sometimes give me palpitations, I get paranoid that I may have some bad heart conditions. When I start worrying, I sometimes get a headache and then I later on start worrying about the headache thinking that my blood pressure may be off. You see, it’s like a cycle of negative feelings and worries all because I allowed myself to be hungry.

And that’s when I realized that it all just came about because I didn’t listen to my body and I stored negative thoughts in my mind. To change that, I decided that I will strengthen my faith, I will listen to my body, and I will feed my mind only with positive thoughts. To help me build a healthy spiritual and mental habit, I downloaded some apps which are pretty helpful for me. They give me notifications daily if it’s time to read the Bible, or it’s time to slow down and meditate. These apps are the Catholic Daily Readings, Enliven, Power of Positive Thinking, and Powerful Affirmations. I’m not entirely a changed person yet but I am happy to see good progress.

I predict that 2018 is going to be a very busy year for me because aside from my consultancy work and the law firm, I have to attend to a couple of businesses, i.e., my franchised snack stall, a bakeshop that I co-run/manage with a friend, a property that we listed in Airbnb, and the travel company and an online business that I have yet to launch. I have partners for the snack store, the bakeshop, and the guesthouse, but I will run the travel company and online business by myself. I will probably talk about them in my future posts. I would really like to help Filipinos who have an entrepreneurial spirit but do not know where to start and how much they need to start a business.

Let me just briefly talk about my franchised snack stall. It’s called Kerrimo, the original fries and drink in a cup. I had the option to franchise the popular flavored French fries brand. But when I tried Kerrimo, that was when I decided that I had to go with this brand instead. I personally tried all Kerrimo fries before deciding to franchise.

Kerrimo fries are more delicious. They’re crispy on the outside and has the right amount of crunch when you bite into the fries. They’re cooked properly so they’re less greasy; we don’t double fry; and our flavors are yummy in all the right levels. We have cheese, sour cream, BBQ and chicken BBQ plus we have toppings and dips. What’s even better is that it’s a snack and drink in one which means you have the flavored fries on top and the drink at the bottom so you get to hold your food in just one hand!

Kerrimo though is not yet as popular as the famous flavored fries franchise but in the Southern Tagalog region, Kerrimo is a well-known brand. In fact, it is so popular that there are so many other businesses who adopted Kerrimo’s original concept like Kerimoto (now operating as Kappu Potet’o), Snack Attack, Friends Fries, and others. I hope I can reach as many people to tell them about Kerrimo because when you taste our fries, you’ll notice the difference. Come visit my Kerrimo store. We’re at Puregold in Marc Square, 166 Rizal Ave., Taytay, Rizal.

It was also last January that I was able to re-visit 14 Four Cafe in Taytay which was the place where we first organized Lafang Club way back in 2013. We’re a group of friends who were once office mates turned foodie friends and then, eventually, a travel group in 2014.

We had breakfast for dinner which was not a bad idea. I cannot say that the food was exceptional. But they’re decent, good food which may be a little pricey when I think of the fact that I can cook better food at home. Yet I am willing to pay extra for that tiny bit of convenience of having someone prepare breakfast instead of me sweating it out in the kitchen. Tapa was mine, bangus was for the kiddo, and French toasts for the hubby. Happy tummies, happy life!

And speaking of Lafang Club, my friends and co-founders went to our house for some afternoon snack and I decided to go heavy by ordering tempura and California maki. We paired them with some red wine because we were feeling kinda fancy, haha! It’s like our annual thing every January to gather and talk about our plans, our dreams and our goals for the year. We’re the same bunch who huddled last year and decided to use the Passion Planner as our productivity tool for 2017. This time, it was also our opportunity to talk about CGS Happy Homestay which is my property that we decided to list in Airbnb.

It was also last January when we visited the newly opened KFC branch in our area. The place is called The Garden Walk. At present, only KFC and Max’s Fried Chicken are there. This KFC branch serves breakfast and is usually filled with joggers around 9am. We went there a little early and got to appreciate the interiors of the store. It’s exactly the kind of vibe I want for my future cafe — warm industrial 🙂

The family was also able to check-in at Solaire Resort & Casino. We stayed at the Sky Tower which is closer to the pool than the Bay Tower. It was a big room with two double beds and a sofa, and it comes with free buffet breakfast. We stayed for 2 nights, enjoyed our stay, and will definitely be back.

Free L’Occitane toiletries

Bathroom was huge – separate toilet, bath, tub, and double sink

Spacious room

My 4-year old swimmer who doesn’t want to swim in the kiddie pool

Solaire’s pool area

I also had a chance to try the High Street Cafe at Shangri-la at the Fort as we made our 2018 plans for Tsuiteru. Everything was delicious but sadly, my tummy was not prepared for the volume of delicious food then present, haha! I overate during the holidays and was still feeling bloated and all that. But I made sure I have room for dessert.

And that’s it! January was not too busy but it was just enough to have a great start of the year. I’m excited to see how the rest of the year will unfold and I will definitely keep you posted. In the meantime, if you are going to Seoul anytime soon and would like score amazing deals on tours, activities, transport and wifi, do check out Trazy and Klook!

‘Til my next post, annyeong!

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