The Ultimate K-drama Filming Location Tours

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Have you ever wanted to do a K-pop or K-drama tour but don’t know where to start? I always get that feeling because there’s just a lot of places that I wanted to go to but things can get pretty overwhelming especially when I’m having an information overload from everything I read or see online. When that happens, I always end up not visiting anything at all. You can do DIY drama tours and there’s plenty of resources online. But if you want to do it the easy and efficient way, like me, then read below.

For K-drama location tours, I find that the best tour provider is Trazy. They have well-curated, well-thought-out K-pop/K-drama tours that any fan will be thrilled to experience. And as always, the bonus part is that you get special deals and discounts only from Trazy!

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#1 Trazy Special 1 Day Private Tour: Gangwon Province

This is a Trazy Special which means that this tour is made by the Trazy Team themselves and it is something that you won’t be able to find elsewhere!  Gangwon Province gains a lot of attention from drama and film makers in Korea because of its scenic landscapes of mountains and beaches that will awe anyone at any of the time of the year. This special tour will take you to SIX (6) K-drama spots specifically handpicked by Trazy. 

You’ll be able to see Woljeongsa Temple, Woljeongsa Fir Tree Forest Trail, and the Jumunjin Sand Protection Dam which were seen in the Goblin [Guardian: The Lonely and Great God]. You’ll also be able to go to Deungmyeong Beach and Raramuri which were featured in The Legend of the Blue Sea and Goblin [Guardian: The Lonely and Great God]. Finally, you’ll be driving through Heonhwa-ro Road which was seen in the drama Signal.

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#2 A Full-Day or Half-Day Goblin Filming Location Tour

If you are a fan of Goblin, then you will be thrilled to know that you can cover as many filming locations as you can in this Goblin Filming Location Tour. You can choose a half-day Seoul tour, half-day Incheon tour, or take it all in by doing a full-day Seoul and Incheon tour.

You’ll be amazed at what you can cover! For the Incheon half-day tour, you’ll get to visit the Incheon Jayu Park, (former) Jemulpo Club, the alley near Euntak’s house, and Hanmi Bookstore. You’ll also get to visit Hanchon Seollongtang (Samsandong). For the Seoul half-day tour, you’ll get to visit the Sinchon underpass wall painting tunnel, Yongdap Station pedestrian overpass, Sunny and Euntak’s house, Choongang High School, house of Yoon Boseon stonewall walkway, Duksung Girls’ High School stonewall walkway, Deoksugung Palace stonewall walkway, and BBQ Jongno Gwancheol. That’s THIRTEEN (13) freakin’ Goblin filming locations in one tour! What are you waiting for?

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#3 The 7-Drama Seoul City Tour

This is a personal favorite because it is a well-thought-out tour and it covers so many locations not just for one drama but for SEVEN (7) popular ones! So you have a whole day to cover all these fantastic locations and the best part is that you’ll get to have some free time in Insadong during lunch, and that the tour will end with a panoramic view of Seoul from the N Seoul Tower and the Han River cruise. Even if your boyfriend or husband is not into these things, the romantic ending is something that he would surely enjoy.

This amazing 7-Drama Seoul City Tour will let you experience twelve (12) scenes from seven (7) popular dramas. It’s perfect, right?

  • The Heirs: the dream catcher store where Kim Tan finds Eun Sang
  • Goblin: road where Eun Tak and Kim Shin first met
  • Goblin: cafe where Eun Tak talks with Sunny
  • Goblin: Eun Tak’s high school
  • Goblin: place where Grim Reaper and Sunny kissed
  • Another Miss Oh: cafe where Do Kyung and Hae Young had dinner
  • Another Miss Oh: road where Do Kyung and Hae Young hugged
  • Personal Taste: Gae In’s house
  • My Love from the Star: place where Min Joon and Song Yi do the love lock
  • Boys Over Flowers: cable car where Jun Pyo and Jan Di re-enact their first date
  • The Legend of the Blue Sea: place where Jun Jae waited for Sim Cheong on the first day of snow
  • My Love from the Star: ferry where a cruise party took place

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#4 Descendants of the Sun 2Days/1Night Drama Tour

We all know this drama, and at one point in our lives, we all fell in love with Song Joong Ki (and I think I am not yet over him even if he’s already married to my ultimate girl crush, Song Hye Kyo haha!). So there’s no doubt that one day is  really not enough to dedicate for this drama’s filming location tour.

In this tour, you’ll get to visit all the filming locations in Gangwon Province and it includes spending the night in a 5-star hotel. You’ll get to visit the Samtan Art Mine, Taebak Hanbo Mine, 365 Safe Town, and others.

This tour, as of this post, has sold out but do check it every now and then in case it reopens.

And there you have it, my top 4 favorite K-drama tours! Hope you enjoyed this post. Catch up with you in my next one. Annyeong!

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