Cheers To Friendship


Our worlds may now be far apart. We may not be blessed with a chance to do this often. But every moment spent with them counts.

Cheers to my high school best friends and cheers to 20+ years of knowing each other, understanding where we have been, accepting what we have become, and watching each other grow!

[Seoul Series] Day 4: O’Sulloc Tea House and Nakwon Music Complex


There are so many things going on that I just couldn’t complete my Seoul Series in one go but a promise is a promise, and I promised that I will post about our Seoul itinerary last March 2012 (it’s gonna be almost a year since our Seoul trip!). And since most of the hits, comments, or emails I’m getting are about Seoul, here you go. The second part of my Day 4 post. The first part is about Insadong in general, Ssamzie-gil, and Jogyesa Temple. This one is about O’Sulloc Tea House and Nakwon Music Complex.

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