Extraordinary Jeju Island

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Jeju Island is arguably the most beautiful place in Korea. It’s not called the “island of the gods” for nothing. Jeju Island was created entirely from volcanic eruptions that happened some 2 million years ago and is considered as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The island contains the natural World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes.

It’s the largest island and is a preferred holiday destination in Korea. It has gorgeous beaches and lush countryside, the hiking routes are well-mapped and have clear signages, there is an efficient bus system that connects the whole island, food is great, hotels and resorts offer top-notch service for rest and relaxation, and because it is Korea after all, there is wifi everywhere. What is there not to love about Jeju Island?

In this post, allow me to make you fall in love with Jeju Island even more. Below are my suggested activities that you can do while in Jeju Island that will make your vacation not only memorable but truly extraordinary.

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#1 Tangerine Picking

Tangerines are some of the specialties of Jeju Island. You’ll see many tangerine trees in Jeju Island and that’s also why there are many farms allowing the public to take a closer look at the trees and experience tangerine picking for a fee. It’s a great opportunity to experience the pleasure of harvesting with friends or families. Jeju Island tangerines are sweet and delicious that you can finish a box of this citrus fruit all by yourself!

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#2 Foot Bath Cafe

After a day of walking and exploring Jeju Island, you may want to relax and relieve your stress with traditional Korean remedies. You can try body heating and foot bath which are both good for blood circulation and muscle relaxation. After that, you can enjoy a cup of healthy fermented tea for a total wellness experience.

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#3 Coastal Bike Riding

While the bus system effectively connects the whole island, public transportation in Jeju Island is not as frequent as those you’ll find in Seoul or in Busan. One of the better alternatives to explore the island is through biking. You may rent a bike for two hours and enjoy the cool seaside breeze as you pedal along small villages and farmlands. You get to exercise, see the beautiful attractions faster than by walking or waiting for the next public bus, and it is definitely much cheaper than renting a private car.

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#4 Transparent Kayaking

The beaches in Woljeongri area are known for their emerald water and it is a perfect place to go transparent kayaking. It’s a unique kayaking experience because you get to see the ocean floor. Paddle your way around in a see-through kayak and enjoy the breathtaking ocean scenery with stunning crystal-clear water and calm waves.

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#5 Horseback Riding

Ride through the open fields and enjoy the spectacular scenery of Jeju Island. It’s a great way to trek and is a fun activity for all ages.  It’s safe because professional horse handlers are there to assist. With this activity, you get to see the breathtaking panoramic views of the most famous landmarks of Jeju Island. It is perfect for equestrians or horse lovers.

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#7 Tandem Paragliding

Everyone knows that Jeju is so beautiful and it’s famous for its gorgeous landscape,  and the perfect way to take in a 360-degree view of its beauty is through paragliding. Expert paragliders are there to assist and will help choose the best location with good wind conditions for paragliding. This is definitely one of those rides that you won’t ever forget!

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#8 Hot Air Balloon Sunrise Tour

If you want to have a truly extraordinary experience in viewing the beauty of Jeju Island, then you may want to try the 1-hour hot air balloon sunrise tour.  The balloon will take you up to as high as 150 meters above ground where you will get to observe the beautiful sunrise in the sky. The tour typically comes with insurance, a certificate, and a champagne to celebrate your flight. Extraordinary indeed!

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#9 Couple Photoshoot

Jeju Island is the perfect backdrop for any picture and it is definitely a great location for a couple photoshoot. Whether it is a casual fun date or a pre-wedding shoot, you are in for an exciting experience as your own professional photographer takes you to wonderful locations.  The pre-wedding shoot even comes with hair and makeup and formal wear rental so capturing wonderful memories in Jeju Island is truly hassle and worry free. It’s so romantic  that I am tempted to get my husband to do this shoot with me!

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‘Til my next post, Annyeong!

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