[Seoul Series] Day 4: O’Sulloc Tea House and Nakwon Music Complex


There are so many things going on that I just couldn’t complete my Seoul Series in one go but a promise is a promise, and I promised that I will post about our Seoul itinerary last March 2012 (it’s gonna be almost a year since our Seoul trip!). And since most of the hits, comments, or emails I’m getting are about Seoul, here you go. The second part of my Day 4 post. The first part is about Insadong in general, Ssamzie-gil, and Jogyesa Temple. This one is about O’Sulloc Tea House and Nakwon Music Complex.

O’Sulloc Tea House


O’sulloc Tea House is a themed café that specializes in green tea. It offers a variety of juices, smoothies, ice cream, and cakes, many of which are made with green tea as the main ingredient. What I like about the tea house is that they guide visitors into the world of tea drinking.


Aside from offering food and drink which you can enjoy at the cafe, O’Sulloc Tea House also serves as a souvenir shop which sells different teas and tea accessories, as well as beauty products which has green tea in them. The O’Sulloc Tea House has branches in Myeongdong, Apgujeong, Daehangno, and the one that we visited is in Insadong.


Here are some photos of what we got during our visit to the O’Sulloc Tea House:




I got several Jeju Island tea boxes in different flavors and I super love the green tea citrus blend one. One box contains 10 sachets. I also got a green tea face mask and Innisfree green tea cleanser. It is my super favorite makeup remover!

Nakwon Music Complex


Nakwon Music Complex houses over 200 shops selling everything related to music. It is a must-visit place if you are a music lover. It’s an old building and you’ll be amazed once you get inside just how massive the musical instruments on display are. Everything you want from pianos, to drums, to guitars, to harmonicas, to trumpets and flutes, to everything musical you can think of, it’s there. My husband’s favorite place in Hong Kong is Tom Lee store but in Seoul, his favorite is Nakwon Music complex. When we went there, we literally got dizzy just by looking at the guitars on display!




He was looking for some electric guitars but me, my eyes were glued to this SpongeBob guitar 🙂

As a recap before I end this post, Insadong is a great place to visit especially for tourists not only because you’ll find lots of traditional Korean items there for souvenir, but so many tourists spots are accessible from just one area: the whole Insadong street, Ssamzie-gil, O’Sulloc Tea House, Jogyesa Temple, Tapgol Park, and Nakwon Music Complex. And Insadong is just a few meters away from Gyeongbokgung, Bukchon, and Samcheongdong and a short walk from Anguk station.

Next post will be about N Seoul Tower. Until then, Annyeong!


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