Mel’s Drive-In @ Universal Studios Singapore

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There’s quite a lot of options for places to dine in within Universal Studios Singapore. At the time we went there, however, hubby and I were too hungry to even discern what kind of food our palates really dictate. We just headed to the very first restaurant we bumped into and it happened to be Mel’s Drive-In. 

Mel’s Drive-In is a diner based on the 1973 film, American Graffiti. The diner serves burgers, fries, floats, milk shakes, and an assortment of Coke products. The theme is ’50s drive-in and the restaurant features golden oldies on the jukebox. What’s unique with Mel’s Drive-In in Universal Studios Singapore is that it serves Shiok Burger. Shiok Burger is actually one made of spiced chicken floss, onion rings, guacamole, and turkey bacon on beef patty.

We didn’t get the Shiok Burger combo though. We went heavy on the meat and got the double burger combo 🙂 And what’s our verdict? We loved our meal! The beef patties were juicy and really flavorful. And because it’s a diner, the meals came out fast and what’s even better is that the combo meal wasn’t expensive. Apparently, it’s one of the restaurants inside Universal Studios Singapore that’s always jam-packed so I’d say it is safe to recommend Mel’s Drive-In.

Meanwhile, here are some of my photos. Enjoy and til my next foodie post!


Universal Studios Singapore

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I used to be a theme-park junkie but I stopped being one when the whirling teacup ride became more appealing to me than a roller coaster. Yet I admit that I can’t say no to occasional visits to a theme park as good as Universal Studios Singapore. As always, the challenge for me is to capture a traffic-free photo of that globe.

I probably spent a good 30 minutes just trying to get a traffic-free photo of it but I just can’t. Visitors just seem to flock on weekends (guilty here!).

Then I realized that cropping could be my best friend, and yup, it didn’t fail me. Voila, no more tourists in the photo! 🙂


In all honesty, Universal Studios Singapore is not one of those things we included in our list of places to go to for our recent visit to Singapore. We reckoned we’ll just be seeing the same things we saw in Hollywood.

But I’m glad we still went because Universal Studios offer something we didn’t find in Hollywood and vice versa. So it’s a good thing to visit both 🙂

By the way, if you ask me which is better, to buy tickets at the gate or to grab them online, I’d say get it online. There’s no discount for online ticket purchases unlike the Singapore Flyer which gives a 10% discount for online ticket purchases, yet I’d still suggest that you get your Universal Studios tickets from their website than at the ticket counter.

I heard that Universal Studios Singapore only sell a specific number of tickets per day so you don’t wanna wait in a long queue only to find out that the tickets for that day are sold out. Plus, with your online printable ticket, you can just head directly to the entrance and skip the long queue at the ticket counter.

So what did I like about Universal Studios Singapore? I like looking at the Battlestar Galactica dueling coasters and I get a high just hearing the brave ones scream as they enjoy the thrilling ride. One half of the ride features an inverted roller coaster track which is in blue, and the other one features the traditional seated roller coaster, which is in red.

Singapore may not always be the first when it comes to introducing new stuff. Look at iFly Singapore that came only after Genting Sky Venture in Malaysia has been operating for a long while. Or let’s look at the giant Ferris wheels where  the Singapore Flyer came much later than the London Eye. But when Singapore brings something in, rest assured that it is always bigger, better, and will almost always get a world record in terms of achievement. iFly Singapore is the world’s largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel. The Singapore Flyer is the world’s tallest and biggest Ferris wheel. Well, well, guess what, Battlestar Galactica is the world’s tallest dueling coaster tipping at 42.5 meters or 139 feet. Singapore got some big bad-ass attractions, don’t you think?

Then of course, I also liked Transformers The Ride. This one is still under construction in Hollywood and was just launched last December 2011 in Singapore. One of the best rides, in my opinion, ever! I so wanted to get inside again but the line was long and we still wanted to see the other attractions. Next time for sure.

There were a lot of great street acts and performances in Hollywood but they don’t have this. Filipino friends, do you recognize these guys? 🙂

Yeah! They’re the StreetBoys! Remember them? They had a lot of fun doing their stuff and it’s just contagious. The crowd adores them. The crowd laughed and danced with them. I’m glad that even if the group doesn’t have a career in local show business anymore, they still have a career over there in Universal Studios Singapore. But I’m wondering, do they get free rides to Transformers The Ride? Wow, they’re so lucky!

I also like Shrek’s Far Far Away zone which looks brand new unlike in Hollywood where the castle is already crying for a much-needed repainting job. However, the 4D show is exactly the same. It was a bad decision for us to get in there. Imagine, we just had an awesome indoor skydiving experience that day in iFly Singapore, then we hopped on the Transformers ride, and then we went to the Lights, Camera, Action! by Steven Spielberg. It’s bad having to end the day with a boring Shrek 4D show where the only highlight was Donkey’s saliva getting sprayed on our faces! (btw, I suggest that you visit Lights, Camera, Action! and don’t equate a short queue with a bad attraction; Lights, Camera, Action! doesn’t appear to be popular among the park visitors but it’s really really nice!)

I also liked Donkey Live which is like watching a live comedy show where Donkey plays as a stand-up comedian. He interacts with people and he sings, videoke style! Warning though, the audience was required to sing and dance with Donkey and who knows, you might even get picked for an interview with Donkey himself. Just a heads up, come prepared. But it’s fun and if you love singing, you’ll love the show 🙂

photo not mine

photo not mine

I was looking forward to seeing the Hollywood Dreams parade which was just launched last December 2011. It’s not done in Universal Studios Hollywood but it’s just too bad that we didn’t get to see it in Singapore due to the weather. It rained that day.

Fortunately, before we stepped out of the park, we saw one cute guy getting chummy with the kids. It was Master Po Ping!!!

hubby was holding our iFly certificates in all of his Universal Studios photos and i kept teasing him, "attorney, where is your hearing?" teehee

We were really fortunate because there was no line for a photo op with him! Everyone was still busy grabbing a good seat for the parade but at that time, we already overheard that it’s not gonna happen because of the weather. It’s not that we didn’t want to share the info but we just wanted to have a photo with Po first 😛 Then again, the people were eventually informed about the parade cancellation but by that time, our photo op with Po was done and we’re already on our way out to avoid the impending heavy rain.

All in all, we had a great time in Universal Studios Singapore although I think it would be awesome if  ~

it’s not too crowded because in that case, it wouldn’t be too hard capturing a traffic-free photo of the globe (whaaa I’m back to the globe again!) ~

there’s a behind-the-scenes tram ride like Hollywood’s Studio Tour ~ and

if there’s a good view of the neighborhood outside the theme park and the weather is just as great… sunny but NOT hot. because in Singapore, it was sooo hot that the kids decided to take a bath in the fountain 🙂

For those of you who like it hot, I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun in Universal Studios Singapore. But as I said, we also did despite the scorching hot and humid weather, and we’d probably go back there again. Soon… like April, right hubby? 😛

Til my next post folks. Take care 🙂