Extraordinary Jeju Island

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Jeju Island is arguably the most beautiful place in Korea. It’s not called the “island of the gods” for nothing. Jeju Island was created entirely from volcanic eruptions that happened some 2 million years ago and is considered as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The island contains the natural World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes.

It’s the largest island and is a preferred holiday destination in Korea. It has gorgeous beaches and lush countryside, the hiking routes are well-mapped and have clear signages, there is an efficient bus system that connects the whole island, food is great, hotels and resorts offer top-notch service for rest and relaxation, and because it is Korea after all, there is wifi everywhere. What is there not to love about Jeju Island?

In this post, allow me to make you fall in love with Jeju Island even more. Below are my suggested activities that you can do while in Jeju Island that will make your vacation not only memorable but truly extraordinary.

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Jeju Island Chocolates

My friend Hyunchung and her sister Su, both from Seoul, are here in Manila for a short vacation. What’s cool is that prior to their visit, I have been in constant communication with Hyunchung because I am going to Seoul in March this year and I will stay at their guesthouse. I haven’t been there but based on the comments of people, I’m convinced that their guesthouse is the best choice for me. It’s a pretty house located in the heart of Seoul and is just about a 5-10min walking distance to most of the historical places any tourist would wanna visit. If ever you are going to Seoul and you’re looking for a great place to stay in with warm, hospitable and friendly hosts who can speak English and are super nice enough to tell you where to go and how to enjoy Seoul like a local, may I suggest that you please stay in 126 Mansion. Go to their website and find out why, even if I haven’t been there, I am already raving about it 🙂

Hyunchung and Su are so sweet and thoughtful that they even brought me a present when we first met last Monday. They gave me a box full of tangerine-filled chocolates from Jeju Island. I’ll be posting some more pics of Hyunchung and Su and our dinner last night but for now, let me leave you with the photos of the chocolates they gave me.

감사합니다 Kamsahamnida, Hyunchung and Su! See you in March!