The Ultimate K-drama Filming Location Tours

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Have you ever wanted to do a K-pop or K-drama tour but don’t know where to start? I always get that feeling because there’s just a lot of places that I wanted to go to but things can get pretty overwhelming especially when I’m having an information overload from everything I read or see online. When that happens, I always end up not visiting anything at all. You can do DIY drama tours and there’s plenty of resources online. But if you want to do it the easy and efficient way, like me, then read below.

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I’m Now a Fan of 2ne1

Recently, all I’ve been listening to are K-pop songs and on repeat are two songs from 2ne1. I really love them and I think Bom is a great singer. Sandara Park (I think she’s now known as Dara) is still cute but I don’t think I liked her before the same way I do now… now that she’s with 2ne1.

So the two 2ne1 songs that I really like at the moment are “Lonely” and “It Hurts.” And because I love these songs so much but can’t sing them in Hangeul, I grabbed some English translations and recorded my own version with hubby’s help. They’re not perfect but with one take using GarageBand, hey, I don’t mind the imperfect output 😀 I’m not a professional singer anyway so a lousy recording doesn’t matter much to me. I just happen to be sooooo into these 2ne1 songs that I HAVE TO make my own version. [Besides, hubby didn’t let me use his microphones and audio interface so I had to just content myself with my Mac’s built-in mic 😦 *excuses, excuses*]

And just to argue the obvious, i.e., my recordings suck, I’m posting the original MVs below vis-a-vis my recording *mwahahahhaa* Well, enjoy laughin! 😀

P.S. Am I now a certified 2ne1 fan?


English cover:

It Hurts (English)


English Cover:

Lonely (English)