Baby’s Corner


I made this collection of things that I like to be in our baby’s corner. We’re not decorating a nursery for him due to space constraints, and more particularly because we want him to sleep in our room. In fact, I’m thinking of co-sleeping with baby so these things might really end up to be unnecessary. But at any rate, I still want to decorate a simple corner for him and here are some of the things I’ll be bringing in.

{1. a simple convertible 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 white crib. we already got one for around 15-16,000pesos in rockwell. 2. i saw this in etsy and this would probably end up as a DIY project for me. it’s a quote painted on canvas and i like it because we’ve been waiting for our baby for 7 years and having him now is really in God’s perfect time. 3. i like the wall paper, i like the colors. 4. letter J for our baby’s initial. not necessarily in that color but it can be in wood, or cardboard, or whatever material i can find. another DIY project for me. 5. that’s the nursing chair that i like but i can’t still find one that looks close to it in any of the shops i’ve been to lately. 6. and i like that floor lamp too!}

Will update you with photos once baby’s corner is up! 🙂