Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Tangy Cream Cheese Calamansi Sauce

I baked again tonight for no apparent reason. I just happened to crave for Cookbook Kitchen‘s decadent chocolate cake with warm caramel sauce. With nothing to do but wait for hubby from work, I grabbed my apron and raided our pantry. Nice, I still have the ingredients for a chocolate cupcake recipe! My only problem was that I didn’t have anything for a caramel sauce. I thought I’d go a little adventurous then and pair chocolate with something citrus…

Hmm, not a lemon…

Not a lime either..

But Calamansi (also called Calamondin) 🙂

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Cranberry Pecan Choco Chunk Muffin

I originally posted this on May 16, 2010 in YadaYadaYada.

i frakkin’ DID it! i saw. i came. i BAKED :) it’s my very first time to bake and i got this recipe from a book that i got when i was in the US. i chose the easiest recipe i could find. my first issue was i didn’t know the kitchen appliances and utensils that i have to use aside from, of course, the oven. good thing i have this handy dandy How To Cook Everything application in iTouch. it tells the basic baking equipment every kitchen should have. next issue was where to get the freshest ingredients. the only thing that came to my mind about baking and ingredients was Chocolate Lover. i got practically everything from their store except for the orange juice. the outcome turned out to be pretty :) it’s not so sweet, with a right mix of fruit, nut and choco, and a little crunchy on the edges but soft and moist at the center. so, without any further blah-blah, i present to you my very first baked product…


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