Top 10 Things To Do In Korea During Winter

It’s officially winter in Korea and yet I have backlog posts from way back spring! */shakes head* I’ve been terribly busy the last few months with some consultancy work, the French fries business, and the bakery. Also, I am currently in the process of fixing some loose ends before the launch of my online travel service company which is focused on travels to South Korea. That’s something to look forward to especially for my readers who have been following me to get updates about Korea.

Going back to winter, it’s pretty cold now with the dropping temperature in South Korea but the cold weather is something that should excite you, especially if you’re coming from tropical countries like the Philippines. There’s a whole lot of fun and exciting activities and festivals going on. For the a list of exciting winter festivals and their schedules, you can head over to the the KTO website.

And for the top 10 things that you can do in Korea this season, read below!

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