My Cohen Diet

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Okay, so I just saw in my Inbox this ad from CashCashPinoy about a certain Dr. Cohen Diet for only P990. I was very very shocked when I saw this because I knew I paid about P60,000 initially for my Cohen Diet plan. My Cohen Diet was developed by Dr. Rami Cohen. The CashCashPinoy Cohen Diet is by Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen. The Dr. Rami Cohen Diet is very popular here in the Philippines because celebrities swear by it and people see the actual results from real people they know. And people also know how expensive it is. My fear is that when the growing online shopping market sees a “Dr. Cohen diet” deal for only P990, they might actually think that it’s the popular one. Maybe the Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen diet works but I can’t swear by it because it’s NOT the Cohen Diet I tried. I enrolled with the Dr. Rami Cohen Diet and can swear that it really works. In fact, my Cohen Diet plan helped me get pregnant!

So if you’re thinking of getting this CashCashPinoy deal, I am not saying don’t get it. All I’m saying is I just want to tell you that it’s a different one from the Cohen Diet you might have heard was used by celebrities like Judy Ann Santos or Bea Alonzo.

Have a good day!

3rd Month Cohen Diet Report

Woot! Another 7.6lbs lost this month!

Also met a law school friend (hubby’s office mate before) at the lab today and she mentioned about the Cohen Lifestyle Centre forum page. I guess I’ll be joining the group then. Anyhow, I’m really glad to know that some friends are also in the program and are actually losing weight while on it.

The diet is really on the pricey side and the initial outlay still doesn’t cover the monthly blood tests. But imagine like 26.6 lbs in 3 months! That’s the best freakin’ way to spend money which could otherwise have been spent on a Louis Vuitton/Prada/Mulberry bag! The bag can wait until Christmas anyway. But the weight loss… hah, it’s awesome, it’s unbelievable.

I still do sometimes convince myself that I am indeed losing weight because I never lost this much weight in three months before. But I guess the clothes can tell. I’m two sizes off on tops and pants and I look funny wearing my old clothes. When I see how much adjustment I have to make on my old pants just so that they won’t fall down, I’m convinced (and oh yes, safety pins are my best friends these days!) 🙂

Just a little observation about buying new clothes.

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Cohen Diet: First Month Report

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Wow, has it been a month? 🙂 Well, it’s more than a month since my last post. Part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging is because I don’t have anything to write about except about my Cohen diet which, most probably, will bore you to death.

So, last August 8 was my first month weigh-in and blood test in the Cohen program and guess what 🙂 I lost 6 kilograms and the stats in my blood exam (sugar, creatinine, potassium, sodium, etc) also dropped. I also lost a total of 14 inches off my arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs. Some of you might say that the results are significant but I’d say not really.

I’m happy to have lost that much in a month but I’m off my targets. My biggest roadblock would be occasions where I have to dine out with family or friends. I wish I could do something better this August but the first two weeks are insane. I couldn’t get back the rhythm I had during my first 2 weeks into the program. Although, I’m really thankful that I lost the weight and some inches without treating the diet as a big ordeal. I’m happy (ier) and I don’t feel like I’m deprived at all.

Do friends notice? I don’t know. Maybe they do but they don’t say anything. I don’t really mind what others have to say. All I know is that I feel lighter, I’m two sizes smaller when it comes to jeans and pants, and a size smaller as to tops and blouses. And I get to shop weekly! 🙂 As for friends who don’t see me regularly, they noticed and I’m happy about that. I have friends who are in the Cohen program as well and I saw their improvement. They keep me inspired.

Overall, it’s a pretty exciting journey. With some cheats along the way, there’s still one thing I am absolutely in compliance with — I still don’t eat rice. Hah! Totally in control and I, myself, am amazed with the discipline that I have shown. I can’t wait to check out my second month report which is gonna be on the first week of September.

That plus a party I’m throwing this Friday for Foodbuzz. Will keep you posted.

Didn’t you miss me? I missed all of you! 🙂

Cohen Day 4 – 07.14.11

Hurray! I survived Day 4 and for me, it’s already an accomplishment 😛

According to the Cohen program, it’s most likely that I will feel hungry during the first four days but after that, my body will get used to the system and going through the plan will be a breeze. Fortunately, I completed the first four days without major problems except for constipation which is an expected side effect. I’m hoping that my water intake will take care of it but it looks like it couldn’t so I have to take some medicines. This is only a temporary side effect and it’s all caused by the diet. So, other than that, I am completely fine and happy with the diet (so far).

By the way, I love my meals today and I’m excited to repeat my menu on Saturday.

Here’s what I had:

  • 7AM Meal 1 – shrimps with cabbage + 1 Coke Light + 700ml water
  • 8AM Acupuncture herbal tea
  • 9:30AM Snack 1 – Skyflakes fit (cracker allowance) + coffee allowance + 1/2 orange + 700ml water
  • 12NN Meal 2 – sole with tomato and cucumber salsa + 1 Coke Light
  • 2:30PM Snack 2 – 1/2 orange
  • 5:30PM Meal 3 – tomato, basil and mozzarella bruschetta + 1 orange + 700ml water
  • 6:30PM Acupuncture herbal tea
  • 500ml water at bedtime

So I’ve successfully jumped the first four-day hurdle. Can’t wait to see how I’ll cope with the rest of the program 🙂

Cohen Day 3 – 07.13.11

photo not mine

Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt.  ~José Ortega y Gassett

From my acupuncturist’s clinic the other day, we passed by Tomas Morato and I was amazed at the line of restaurants left and right. It’s like the whole stretch is swamped with cafes and bars and restaurants, all offering a variety of dishes. As I sat in the car looking into those restos, I had this moment where the diet is slowly sinking in. I am not gonna be experiencing any of that deliciousness in the next 4-6 months. That’s not a long time really but if you have been doing that all your life, with cooking and great food as your passion, 4-6 months is like saying forever.

As I was saying, I got tired of tuna, beef and chicken. So I dropped by at the nearest supermarket the other day to get fresh eggs, cheese, sole, shrimps, and fruits. And just like the stretch of restos in Tomas Morato, lanes and lanes of the food I love welcomed me. I saw nori sheets and figured I’ve been longing to make Korean tacos ala Namu’s in San Francisco. Then I saw the butcher who cut my premium pork belly slab for my Momofuku’s Steamed Pork Buns. Oh, the rows of baking ingredients and everything I love.

But I had to avoid them and I just headed straight to where my business is. I went to the seafood section to get my shrimps and sole. The dairy shelf is nearby and I grabbed my mozzarella and eggs. Then off I went to the fruits and veggies section. If I have to sort the areas in a supermarket that I spend the most time on, that area is probably down below the list. Now that I’m with the Cohen program, it’s the only area I should go to so as not to lose focus.

Yesterday was my 3rd day into the Cohen program. I went out last night to watch hubby’s band gig and it was an early test of my discipline. There were lots of bar food and booze and I found myself stuck with a Diet Coke. I had a sudden wave of self-pity whcih fortunately didn’t last long. As it was getting late at night, I got hungry and because I didn’t bring any cracker with me, I was forced to order tofu. It came with soy sauce so now I feel bad for having deviated from the diet 😦

What everything boils down to is that nothing is as easy as it seems. Sure, I don’t feel deprived because I can still enjoy steaks, shrimps, Diet Coke, etc. But it’s different. Following a diet will always be different experience.

However, sticking to the Cohen program strictly is a challenge that I would like to surpass even if it feels weird and different.  And here are some of the things I learned yesterday: 

  • Always bring crackers. If I have plans of going out, I would have to make sure that I still have reserve cracker and soda allowance.
  • Avoid temptation. I would have to stay away from places where I will be tempted to “cheat.”
  • I should not think that I am at a disadvantage just because I couldn’t enjoy the food I used to eat. Rather, I should be proud that I am strengthening my sense of discipline in the process.

So, here’s what I had for Day 3:

  • 7AM Meal 1 – omelet with green bell pepper, onions and tomatoes + 1 Coke Light + mango (1/2 fruit allowance) + 700ml water
  • 8AM – Acupuncture herbal tea
  • 9:30AM Snack 1 – Skyflakes fit (cracker allowance) + coffee allowance
  • 12NN Meal 2 – shrimps with green bell pepper and tomatoes + 1 Coke Light + mango (1/2 fruit allowance)
  • 2:30PM Snack 2 – Skyflakes fit (cracker allowance) + coffee allowance + 700ml water
  • 5:00PM Meal 3 – lemon chicken with cucumbers + 500ml water
  • 10PM Snack 3 (at the bar) – tofu + 1 Coke Light —–> deviation
  • 500ml water at bedtime

By the way, I also found this support group: Dr. Cohen 1st Personal Diet Support Group. It’s a community of people who went through or are with the program. The before and after photos posted there are a great source of inspiration. The photos and recipes of food the other participants prepared are also smart ideas that I could probably use in food preparation. Do check it out if you are with the Cohen diet.