I’m Now a Fan of 2ne1

Recently, all I’ve been listening to are K-pop songs and on repeat are two songs from 2ne1. I really love them and I think Bom is a great singer. Sandara Park (I think she’s now known as Dara) is still cute but I don’t think I liked her before the same way I do now… now that she’s with 2ne1.

So the two 2ne1 songs that I really like at the moment are “Lonely” and “It Hurts.” And because I love these songs so much but can’t sing them in Hangeul, I grabbed some English translations and recorded my own version with hubby’s help. They’re not perfect but with one take using GarageBand, hey, I don’t mind the imperfect output 😀 I’m not a professional singer anyway so a lousy recording doesn’t matter much to me. I just happen to be sooooo into these 2ne1 songs that I HAVE TO make my own version. [Besides, hubby didn’t let me use his microphones and audio interface so I had to just content myself with my Mac’s built-in mic 😦 *excuses, excuses*]

And just to argue the obvious, i.e., my recordings suck, I’m posting the original MVs below vis-a-vis my recording *mwahahahhaa* Well, enjoy laughin! 😀

P.S. Am I now a certified 2ne1 fan?


English cover:

It Hurts (English)


English Cover:

Lonely (English)

One thought on “I’m Now a Fan of 2ne1

  1. skiptomalou says:

    my daughter is into a korean pop obsession. her play list consist of korean pop and her laptop is all korean movies or telenovelas haha.
    i should take a look into korean pop too huh> hhaha!
    great to “see” you jan

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