Delimondo Corned Beef

Delimondo Garlic and Chili (P140 or $2.80 per can)

Remember last Saturday when we went to Salcedo Market? I got some Delimondo Corned Beef which I inteded to cook sometime during the week but failed to do so because I was really busy I wasn’t even able to say hi to our kitchen at all. Even yesterday, I was hoping I could cook but nope. Schedule was pretty tight. Hopefully today, I’d be able to do that much-requested baked salmon dish and make hubby happy.

I’ve heard a lot about Delimondo Corned Beef especially from friends who love to go to Salcedo or Legaspi Markets. To be honest, I was not pumped to try it at all. I have this sick weird feeling that it’s all just hype. Besides, I have this feeling (again) that Lattize’s corned beef is the best.

Anyhoo, I bought Delimondo, the garlic chili variant, and heated it for breakfast and served with plain white rice.

And the verdict?

It’s yummy but very very oily. VERY VERY oily.

The corned beef, as the name implies, carried lots of garlic and chili but I don’t find it too spicy at all. Last Friday night’s Spicy Fish Head stew at a secret Hunan restaurant near Rockwell was more spicy, IMHO. It was delicious though and it kinda exceeded my expectations. The downside is that it’s very very oily and I’ve never seen a corned beef as OILY as that! True enough, I felt lightheaded after breakfast.

Don’t be afraid to try it thought but if you want to skip it, don’t worry. There’s not much of a biggie that you’re missing out on 🙂

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