The Pancake Epidemic Seoul


The Pancake Epidemic, a creative agency in Los Angeles, California, launched its first flagship café in Apgujeong-dong. The Pancake Epidemic Los Angeles (TPE L.A.) was originally a by-invitation only gathering spot but TPE Seoul is a coffee bar that is open to the public.

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2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival, My No.1 Poster: Made by 192 Global Seoul-Mates


On November 14, 2014 and until November 16, 2014, the 2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival will be held in Seoul Square, Taepyeong Ave, Cheonggye Square and Gwanghwamun Square. This is a festival where visitors make kimchi by themselves and share them with their neighbors. Kimchi is Korea’s most famous dish and is a culinary tradition in itself. It is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings.

The concept is that on the first day of Gimjang (Kimchi Making & Sharing) Season, “Seoul gets mixed with hope.” The festival will be held to celebrate the fact that kimchi was selected for UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013.

Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival will be held to celebrate the fact that “Kimchi” was selected for UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on 2013.

And because kimchi is made by mixing vegetables and seasonings together, the festival promises to come up with a mix of fashion, hangeul, play, design, and music as well! Isn’t it exciting? :)

In view of this festival, the second mission for Global Seoul Mates 2014 is to come up with a poster that will advertise this event. I created the above poster with a photo of kimchi. I added that photo because I wanted to show how vibrant and delicious kimchi is which makes it a very good representation of Seoul. Seoul is  a bustling, vibrant, fun city that preserves a balance between progress and culture. When you eat kimchi, you take a piece of Seoul with you.

And with that, I am inviting you to come join the festival and and celebrate a culinary tradition!

For more information, visit Seoul City Government’s website.

Exciting News: LEGOLAND Korea!


Image from Tomodachi

LEGOLAND, a chain of Lego-themed theme parks, which currently spans across 5 countries and 6 cities, will finally open its first East Asian location and it’s going to be in… Korea! When opened, it will be the world’s first LEGOLAND to be located on an island.  It was originally planned to open in Spring of 2016 in Jungdo Island in the city of Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, but there was a delay in the construction due to a conflict between building the park and the need to preserve cultural heritage. The project hit a snag with the discovery of some prehistoric relics but local communities stepped up to provide support. The main reason for the support is the urgent need for local development.

Now, the green light has been turned on and construction commenced. It is now estimated that LEGOLAND Korea will open in March 2017 but the facilities will be fully operational only in 2018, just in time for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. LEGOLAND Korea will be composed of a 280,000 sqm. amusement park, a hotel, an outlet shopping mall, a water park, a history museum, a spa and other exciting facilities. It is estimated that it will draw 1Million tourists and create up to 1,600 jobs, a definite economic boost for the Gangwon region.

That the theme park will be located on an island is no issue. The area is accessible via high-speed train and expressways from Seoul. The local government also decided to set aside funds for the construction of a bridge that will link the island from the mainland. When built, LEGOLAND Korea will stand next to Chuncheon Station, about an hour trip from Seoul via the Gyeongchun Line.

Wondering what other attractions are in Gangwon province? Think of Seoraksan National Park, Pyeongchang, and the famous Nami Island.

Now, there’s more reason to go to Korea with the family soon :)

Heart and Seoul 2014 – Pojangmacha Experience in Jongno-3 ga


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I love Korean dramas and when I discuss this topic with my friends who are also into K-dramas, we always say that there are scenes that are generally common among those that we’ve watched.  And if there’s one that really stands out from my list, it has got to be a pojangmacha scene.

pojangmacha scenes in K-dramas

pojangmacha scenes in K-dramas

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Heart and Seoul 2014 – Shopping at Lotte Mart, Seoul Station


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Key chains, letter openers, or ref magnets are okay, I suppose. But when I think of pasalubong, I always think of sharing a small piece of the culture that I experienced and for me, there’s no other better option than to bring home food from that culture. I always enjoy giving food items as pasalubong not just because they’re cheaper but because I enjoy discovering foodie finds and sharing stories about them back home.

This is why whenever we travel, I always make it a point to visit a local grocery, or supermarket, or even a convenience store not just to simply grab a tube of toothpaste, or an umbrella, or something that we forgot to take along with us. I love visiting those places because I want to know what locals commonly eat and consume.

When you’re visiting Seoul, the best place to go to is Lotte Mart and the most accessible one is definitely the Seoul Station branch.

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