Heart and Seoul 2014 – Chasing Cherry Blossoms at Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

yeouido cherry blossom festival

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We purposely chose to visit Seoul on the first week of April to chase the cherry blossoms. We didn’t waste time and thus, on our first night in Seoul, we headed to the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival to witness the lighted cherry blossoms at night and catch some street performances too.

We thought that the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival (others call it the Cherry Blossom Festival) is held at Yeouido Park. Thus, we alighted at the Yeouido subway station which was apparently a very long walk away from the exact site of the festival. :P The festival is actually done in Yeouiseo-ro (Yunjung-no) which is close to the National Assembly.

Our day started at 2am with our flight to Seoul and it was already around 8pm when we reached Yeouido Park at that time. We could have given up because there is an abundance of cherry blossoms in and around Seoul anyways. Yet, we did no give up because after all, we went to Seoul to chase the cherry blossoms, right?

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What A Busy Saturday!


I wanted to post more about Seoul and the beautiful places we went to but I currently do not have the time to go over my photos and select which ones to show you. Just so that I can catch up with you, I thought of writing about my unusually busy Saturday. Don’t worry, more posts about Seoul will be up soon.

So last Saturday, my day started with picking up my baby’s toys scattered at the living room. Our baby is now an active walker and mover and his stuff are like all over the house! Hubby went out early in the morning to meet his friends for a jamming session and the whole house was left for my use and enjoyment. :D

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Heart and Seoul 2014 – Jogyesa Temple

jogyesa temple

Photo taken by my good friend and travel companion, @taragurl444.

This is part of a series of posts under the category Heart and Seoul 2014.

While most of the Buddhist temples can be found outside of Seoul or in the mountains, there’s one center of Zen Buddhism that is famous for being located in the heart of the city. This is Jogyesa Temple which is just a walking distance away from 126 Mansion. Jogyesa Temple is well connected to Insadong and is located on a street full of Buddhist specialty shops.

On our first day back in Seoul, and while waiting for our rooms to be ready, we decided to take a leisurely walk around the area and go to Jogyesa Temple. At that time, colorful lanterns were being hung and set up in the whole area. That was in preparation for the Lotus Lantern Festival. The lantern festival is usually held around the end of April to the middle of May. We were not able to catch the festival itself but we were lucky to see the lanterns hanging before the official kick-off.

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Heart and Seoul 2014 – The Charm of Samcheong-dong


*This is part of a series of posts under the category Heart and Seoul 2014.

Samcheong-dong is my favorite place in Seoul. I fell in love with it when I first visited Seoul in 2012 and my recent trip confirmed that the place is still as charming as ever.

Geographically speaking, Samcheong-dong is really one of those unique places in Seoul. To its left lies Gyeongbokgung, while Changdeokgung lies to its right. Cheongwadae is at its north, while Insadong is at its south. It’s a very tourist-friendly place in that you can visit all these 4 places plus Bukchon Hanok Village in just one day. Imagine that 126 Mansion is right smack in the middle of Samcheong-dong. It’s definitely a place that you would want to stay in just by speaking of location alone.

But Samcheong-dong is not just about location. True to its name which means clean water, beautiful neighboring mountains, and kind-hearted residents, Samcheong-dong has a unique charm that harmonizes tradition with the fresh youthful vibe of the present. The artistic appeal of the place comes from the fact that there is a beautiful integration of the serene and antique beauty of traditional houses and the hip vibe of chic galleries, resaturants, and cafes that have sprung up in the area.

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Heart And Seoul 2014 – Our Seoul Itinerary for 5 Days


Warning: Long Post Below :)

I missed Seoul so much and I’m glad I was able to return last April. I went to Seoul last April with my hubby and baby plus our nanny. I was very happy that our wacky friends also came and they made our Seoul trip tons of fun and really memorable!

For this post, I’ll talk about a lot of details on our chosen airline, our guesthouse and mode of transportation in Seoul. I’ll just share a general view of what our itinerary was but don’t worry, I’ll have separate posts on each item in our itinerary. Similar to my 2012 Seoul Series posts, this is also going to be another series which I shall call “Heart and Seoul 2014.”

Enjoy! And if you have comments and questions, you know where to write them :)

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